Effective emergency management and disaster recovery requires experienced, insightful planning before an incident occurs, and reliable, innovative support when disaster strikes.

PITT Consulting’s  team of experts has extensive experience in dealing with complex, rapidly-changing emergency management incidents. We have successfully deployed solutions and supported disaster recovery efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and many other crises both domestic and world wide.

Planning and Preparation

Our certified experts can help you across all areas of preparedness to ensure your IT environment is as ready as you are to respond to an emergency. We can help you develop the tools, training and procedures to ensure that your tactical response plans include the dependable, reliable IT infrastructure and communications capabilities essential for effective crisis management.  Many of our consultants hold HSEEP certifications and have had years of experience as first responders on various incidents.

Emergency Response and Recovery Management

Every disaster scenario is different and brings with it unique challenges. Working with a team that understands how to optimize emergency response coordination with FEMA and other local and national agencies across a range of potential crises is invaluable.

Our team brings battle-tested capabilities in National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliance, Incident Command System (ICS) tools and methodologies and many other areas of expertise to help you deliver a swift, well-coordinated response effort when a disaster strikes.

You’ll do whatever it takes to deal with an emergency, and we’ll do whatever it takes to manage your IT.