Many companies are moving to cloud based computing and storage because of the advantages that the Cloud offers. The ease of storing and retrieving information is very appealing as well as lowers total cost of ownership when it comes to internal technical infrastructure. Moving to the cloud also can reduce IT costs and free up valuable resources to work on other projects to benefit the business.

Placing services and storage into the Cloud can make many things easier for companies to manage, however not every business is suited to the Cloud. We are capable of assessing your needs and determining what plan of action is right for your business.

PITT Consulting is able to leverage its years of knowledge in:

    • Assessing what internal resources are worth moving to the cloud
    • Explain different cloud options (Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, etc)
    • Provide an analysis of cost benefits for moving to off-site services
    • Assisting in moving assets to a cloud based model
    • Managing assets after they have been moved