Small to midsize business often struggle with improving their internal technology and business processes because they’re more focused on running the business instead of the tools that might help the business run smoother and more efficiently.  Oftentimes, Small Business Owners miss out on applications and technologies which would streamline costs, make communication and time management easier, and/or make the public able to easier reach and interact with the business, which would boost sales.

On the other hand, some consulting companies do not treat small business with the respect and time that they deserve, choosing to ignore valuable long term partnerships.  Small businesses sometimes know they need help to get to the “next level” but aren’t able to find the right team to make their dreams a reality.

PITT Consulting loves catering to these type of clients. We feel that our background as starting out a small technology company gives us the insight and understanding into the needs of smaller companies.   Our years of experience working with Fortune 100 firms and our understanding of best practices will help you to plan and build a scalable, cost-effective technology plan.  And once your vision become reality, we deliver world-class support services so you can be assured of high availability and a stable, worry-free environment.  Again, we’ll cater our solutions to your needs as well as your budget in simple to understand language and documentation so that your business can truly see the value that working with us can do.