The digital age has brought about wonderful advancements in technology, making processes more hands off than they ever were. Yet it seems that the human touch has been left behind. Companies are so busy trying to sell themselves to you that they’ve forgotten how to listen.

We bring the human touch back into the picture with our willingness to listen to your problems and find solutions for them. We believe in being responsive and honest with our clients while applying our expertise to the issues at hand.

PITT Consulting prides itself with responsive, honest and up-front communications with its clients. We find that this approach not only leads to satisfied customers, it also leads to innovative solutions that work. This is the kind of partnership that benefits everyone involved.

Custom Solutions

We truly believe that every business is unique and though cookie cutter solutions might be faster, they aren’t always what is best for your business.  By taking a boutique approach to how we interact with our clients, we are able to provide truly individual solutions to our client’s technical and business problems. 

Our Team

We employ the very best professionals who not only have a passion for what they do but extensive education and experience in their subject Domains.  PITT Consultants are experts in what they do and actively continue their education, bringing you the very best that the current marketplace has to offer in technologies and business practices.
This in addition to having experience with fortune 500 companies and well known historical events such as Katrina, Deepwater Horizon, as well as other disasters, our team has been put to the test and is ready to put that experience to use for you.

We are a 100% woman and minority owned business.